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Aug 19, 2022Liked by PoP NB

Based on media reporting at that time (Mar-Apr 2022), I sensed that Cardy and Russell were operating in the same way that "circular reasoning" does: he absolved himself of authority by passing the buck to her (Public Health), while she obfuscated--using her implied "authority" to pass the buck to the public. I was gobsmacked! It struck me that they were playing a game of 'hot potato' without the music (you know, the game in which the music stops at some point, so the potato lands in *someone's* lap). Premier Higgs's recent public performance--fiddling with the Health Authorities--suggests that some sort of orchestration has been occurring, but these "authorities" are hoping that the Covid potato, having cooled off considerably, won't sprout if kept in the dark, along with the NB public.

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