When information cannot be removed from public view, New Brunswick officials endeavour to remove interest from public minds.
On the eve of additional substantial reductions in Public Health's management of the ongoing pandemic, we need your story and we need your help.

February 2023

February 24, 2023 marks one year since New Brunswick Public Health has addressed the province regarding the ongoing pandemic. One year since the…

January 2023

We often see suggestions that since a decent number of people survive Covid-19 infection without death or visible disability, people least at risk…
New Brunswick's revised Covid-19 reporting does its best to obscure the most critical and the most damning information.

December 2022

Welcome to a new project by some creative, caring, and inspiring people from New Brunswick.
In response to PoPNB exposing the New Brunswick Government's lies of omission, Department of Health becomes defensive and trivializing.

November 2022

New Brunswick Public Health knew early on that Covid-19 infection causes long term illness, but decided not to tell anyone.

October 2022

The statistics of gambling with reinfection in the shadow of long term disease
by Ryan Murphy

August 2022

Clear communication on airborne transmission
Tools to help protect against SARS-CoV-2 as we head back to class